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It’s either for safety or convenience, Keep2Share can keep your files both safe and ever-ready for you and whoever you want. Since the advent of file hosting services and cloud storages, many names have emerged as many have also just vanished but Keep2Share will never disappoint.

This is your personal file storage for keeps. Keep2Share uses a secure encryption to keep your files private for your personal backup or you may opt to share it with others online without the fuss of costly hardware and software.

We employ the perfect balance as our name suggests, we keep it so you may share it.

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How does Keep2Share work?

Our servers use the latest cutting-edge hardware together with seamless series of algorithms to bring the best service for everyone in need of more storage while keeping your files protected to keep your data privacy.

Using a personalized username and password, every users of Keep2Share is entitled to their own online digital space for every memorable images, valuable videos, captivating music, pertinent documents and all other file formats even those archived files. Keep2Share also respects the privacy of our users as we keep each identity and information encrypted in our system. Whether for your mobile phones, tablets, PC or Mac, this is your data storage online. You just have to drag your files and drop it and it is stored.

Keep2Share Accounts

Keep2Share Free Account

Back in the day, uploading and downloading data and information is very hard and expensive but as we are now in the “Information Age”, Keep2Share knows the value of data and information to each and everyone. Thus, using Keep2Share is 100% free. We are able to provide free service to every registered user thru the support of advertisers on our website. Users should just wait for 30 seconds and after a while will be able to upload and download up to 1GB with a download speed of 50 kb/s and access their numerous important files with just the tip of your finger tips.

Keep2Share Premium Accounts

Keep2Share is also concerned to provide a value added service to every user the reason that registered users may opt to upgrade to a Premium account. Keep2Share Premium has two (2) types of account, silver and gold account.

Keep2Share Premium Account

Using a premium account users can upload up to 10GB and download up to 50 GB per day for only $9.50 per month or $0.32 per day without any hidden fees. Multiple parallel downloads can also be made in Keep2Share Premium account to efficiently use the time and resource of every Keep2Share users. Keep2Share Premium Account is also ad-free so users can enjoy more convenience and will not experience annoying pop-ups and or other third-party that will disturb your Keep2Share Premium experience.

Keep2Share Premium Pro Account

While users may also consider upgrading to a Keep2Share Premium Pro account with better features. Keep2Share Premium Pro account still has the features of Keep2Share Premium account but have extra features including a virus checker to protect our users from possible infection due to existing viruses, trojans, worms and other bad elements on the web. Moreover, In Keep2Share Premium Pro account, privacy from hackers are ensured with our anonymous download support thus, no one on the web will be able to track our users and to further be protected from any data theft present nowadays.

Your Choice of Account

Comparison between the three (3) types of Keep2Share accounts. Keep2Share Free, Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro is summarized below to provide you on what to choose for your convenience and help you in making the right decisions on what account to avail.

Table 1. Keep2Share accounts and its different features

Type of Account Monthly Cost Daily Limit Download Speed Waiting Time Download Manager Support Parallel Downloads Ad Blocker Virus Checker Anonymous Download
Keep2Share Free $ 0.00 1 gb 50 kb/s 30 sec No 1 only No No No
Keep2Share Premium $ 9.50 10 gb Unlimited None Yes Unlimited Yes No No
Keep2Share Premium Pro $11.75 10 gb Unlimited None Yes Unlimited Yes Yes Yes

Keep2Share Downloads

Whether you decided to opt for a more efficient premium account which will save your time and resources; or you just settled to use our reliable free account, you can always use your personalized downloader to help you manage your uploads and downloads as we make Free2Share compatible to various downloaders available. Using downloaders will retain and may improve (depends on you downloader) your Keep2Share experience.

Keep2Share Payment Schemes

One of the objectives of Keep2Share is to help relieve users with their usual problems on data storage the reason that payment will be done online with the use of different online payment platforms. Rest assured that all transactions are secure because all information will be encrypted for every users security. Once a user entered the necessary information upon registration, account will just have to be linked from the below online payment platforms.

Visa Mastercard Paysafecard
American Express Sofort Paysera
Pay via gift cards Mobile SMS Resellers
Paypal Bitcoin Other Local Payments

To ensure that we will meet our users expectations, Keep2Share employed a trial membership. In Keep2Share Trial users can use Keep2Share for three (3) days and later upgrade to Keep2Share Premium or Keep2Share Premium Pro and pay on what suits them best – monthly, quarterly or annually. Upon deciding the type of account and payment option payments can be made through the previously mentioned payment platforms.

Type of Account Payment Option
Trial Monthly Quarterly Annually
Keep2Share Premium $ 6.95 / 3 days $ 16.95 / month $ 13.98 / month $ 9.50 / month
Keep2Share Premium Pro $ 8.95 / 3 days $ 21.95 / month $ 17.32 / month $ 11.75 / month

Earn while using Keep2Share

Users may also earn by using Keep2Share. By registering at the Keep2Share MoneyPlatform page, users can backup their files by uploading files and earn when another user downloads their uploaded files meaning, more files, more downloads available for other users and more opportunity to earn.

Added benefits

By using and sharing Keep2Share, users will also be part of the global environmental actions by relying less on hardware storage (especially plastics and minerals) that will cut the annual consumption of raw materials used for the production of hardware thereby helping to provide a cleaner environment and a greener earth. This way, your files are not just stored but will aid you earn extra income.


Keep2Share is true to its word. By providing convenience through its different types of account (Keep2Share Free, Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro) we help to make the users be more connected to the world and and Keep2Share also shows its concern by also giving users different payment options through our different online payment platform partners and have access to their files as we keep it so users may share it.

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Keep2Share Review

To further support our claims to prove that Keep2Share is dependable and reliable, listed below are some reviews for Keep2Share.

Chen Von Zufall on November 22, 2019 “fast download speed, nice support team, amazing content”

I was using keep2share for one week and the download speed is really high. The support team even answered my query extremely fast and sort. And that I could practically find everything I want to put in on keep2share. And the price will be fair. Recommended!

Teacher Saldivia on November 15, 2019 “I found lots of files.”

When a had a problem, support team helped me instantly. The recommendation They gave me worked perfectly.

Tarzan on November 15, 2019  “Great Platform”

Great Platform, great movies, fast to be downloaded, daily download limit more than acceptable, great and very quick personally support.

Sindicates on November 15, 2019 “Nice Hosting Service”

Keep2Share is one of the file hosting sites that I prefer. I’m paying for a premium download service since 1 year and I’ve been really satisfied for the service. Specially for the support team, because I get answers in just a few hours.

The only negative aspect could be the “limited” 20 GB per day but in my case I don’t really need more capacity. (There is the possibility for a premium PRO account for 50GB daily but it costs a bit more)

Hans-Joachim Saremba on October 7, 2019 “Keep2share best File Sharing Portal”

I have been using Keep2share repeatedly for years. It’s the best FileSharingPortal for me with the most comprehensive content in my opinion. Especially highly commendable is the service, if there are problems. The answer is usually one day later. Class. In a special case, hackers stole my account. The help of Keep2share was excellent. Thanks Keep2share. hajo-bavaria from Germany

baoqui li on September 19, 2019 “Keep2share is really a good choice for downloading and storing files”

Keep2share is really a good choice for storage and downloading files.

Firstly, there’s a lot of sources on various websites supporting Keep2share.

Secondly, you can not only download by a Keep2share Account, but also can store files ,preview. Most importantly ,speed of downloading is satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    How can I avail the Keep2Share Premium or Keep2Share Premium Pro?

Just go to the link: and register for a new account if you are a new user or log in if you are already registered and upgrade your account.

2.    Why was I charged again after my premium account recently expired?

Keep2Share priorities your convenience as such, Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro charges

3.    How can I delete my files?

Just go to the “Files” section search and select the file that you want to delete and click “delete”.

4.    Is it possible to download files for free?

Yes you can download files for free given that the owner allowed to be downloaded by other users.

5.    Is it possible to obtain a file from other users?

Yes a user can download a file from other user as long as the other user allowed the access of others otherwise, it is a private and will only be available to the owner/ uploader.

 6.    I forgot my password. What should I do?

Just log in to your account at and click the “I forgot password” option. You will be asked of your recovery email address and will be instructed how to reset your password in the email. Please take note that it is possible that your email service provider will spam Keep2Share email so take time checking your Spam mail in case you do not receive any.

7.    I accidentally cancelled my current download. Is it possible to continue downloading it?

Users of Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro accounts have the privilege to resume their downloads but Keep2Share Free users will have to download their files all over.

8.    For how long does Keep2Share stores my files?

Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro accounts are entitled to the ninety (90) days storage protection after their first upload while Keep2Share Free accounts’ files are stored for thirty (30) days after their first upload.

 9.    Can I have many accounts?

To keep the service available to everyone, we request everyone to only use one account. Duplicate accounts will be immediately deleted after detection.

10.  Can I sell my account to others?

We have provided a Keep2Share Reseller Program. Follow this link for more details

11.  Am I allowed to upload any files that I like?

Files uploaded at Keep2Share are screened. Viruses and other suspicious files will be immediately deleted and other files that are considered illegal. Cybercrimes are not tolerated.

12.  I was not able to complete my transaction/ my credit cards were always disallowed. What should I do?

Keep2Share provided many payment options for our users. Please try other payment options specifically through Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, American Express, Sofort, Paysera, Pay via gift cards, Mobile SMS and other resellers.

13.  I already paid but my account subscription to Keep2Share Premium / Keep2Share Premium Pro was still inactive. What should I do?

Please confirm if your email service provider did not tagged Keep2Share emails as spam. If you did not really receive any emails, please message us and provide us your full name, date of payment, email address used, transaction number, order number, payment method (Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, etc.), transaction amount and other information that is relevant to the issue so we may resolve activation problems.

14.  Can I cancel my recurring subscription?

Yes you can cancel your recurring subscription by first going to your profile and under the next rebill date click the “cancel auto-renew subscription”. Please be advised that after after three (3) for Keep2Share free trial; thirty (30) for Keep2Share Premium; and ninety (90) for Keep2Share Premium Pro your account will be billed a recurring payment. Otherwise, if your account was activated using a voucher code, you will not be billed any recurring subscription.

15.  I wasn’t able to receive any voucher codes from Keep2Share. What should I do?

After every successful payment, a forty (40) character activation code will be sent by Keep2Share. Please always opt to check your spam folder in case you’re not receiving any of our voucher codes upon the notice of Keep2Share. In case you bought an authentication code from a reseller, please contact the reseller directly.

16.  I tried to contact the reseller using every detail he/ she provided but to no avail. What should I do?

Kindly provide us the order number, the reseller’s details and a screenshot of your successful payment and we will immediately take action to resolve this issue.

17.  How can I activate my authentication code?

Just log in to your account at and activate the code through this link:

18. My downloads are too slow what should I do?

You may try to restart your internet modem or contact your local internet provider. If you are not satisfied with the speed of Keep2Share Free, you may upgrade to a Keep2Share Premium or Kep2Share Premium Pro. The download speed Keep2Share Premium and Keep2Share Premium Pro are not capped (limited) to 50kbp/s unlike in the Keep2Share Free.

19. I reached my download capacity thus, I cannot download what should I do?

Downloads per day are capped for Keep2Share Free users when downloads reached a total of 1 GB. While users of Keep2Share Premium can download up to 10 GB per day and Keep2Share Premium account offers up to 50 GB downloads per day. Once the daily limit for download is reached, the users will have to wait for 00:00 GMT to refresh their daily download limit.

In case of any other questions, please submit a query through this link

Keep2Share Social Media Accounts

We keep your files for you to share and previously you knew that you can also earn. So do not forget to share us also to your friends. Keep2Share have accounts in different social media platform. Do not forget to like us on facebook; and follow us on twitter and instagram. Tag our accounts to your post and share us with your friends. Use #keep2share and together let us empower the world’s relations by keeping, sharing and earning.

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